DTWD WA Traineeship Funding Available for Students and Employers

As a potential user of PMV services, we are letting you know of the benefits of DTWD funding program, that should reduce the fee’s payable for you to complete the following courses. The DTWD traineeship funding in Western Australia covers our following courses:

  1. UEE31211- Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control (funded under apprenticeship)
  2. UEE40611- Certificate IV in Electrotechnology – Systems Electrician (funded under traineeship) covers all units under UEE40411
  3. UEE42611 – Certificate IV in Hazardous areas – Electrical (funded under traineeship)
  4. UEE50411 – Diploma of Electrical Engineering (funded under traineeship)

By undertaking the courses through the traineeship pathway, student will experience the same flexible service as you would as a full fee-paying student. The training delivery and requirement will all stay the same. The only thing that changes is how much and when your fees are payable.

dtwd traineeship funding

As an example, fee for service for a licensed Electrician to upgrade his qualification to UEE40611 which includes all units for UEE40411, is 4,000.  Traineeship cost for a is $1,550. Your employer may be eligible for cash back incentives to employer of more than $4,000 and Payroll Tax Exemptions based upon how much you earn, how long you have been employed and how old you are. To undertake a traineeship, student must currently be working. A “Training Contract” is signed between student and his/her employer. This is registered with the State and Federal Governments. This contract does not change the employment arrangement, it simply allows for government funding to be assigned to your course.

As each case is slightly different, we prefer to discuss this directly with you so that we can provide a more accurate estimation of exemptions and incentives. Signing into a traineeship is a simple process that PMV will assist you with all the way. With a significant reduction in fees and possible financial gains for employers, it is a solution that works for all parties.

Project Management Vision (PMV) is a Registered Training Organization (RTO # 52698). More information are available here and here.