Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems (Design & Install)

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51178 & 52698

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9AM – 5PM



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Course ID

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4 – 5 Days

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course objectives
  • To provide a pathway for electricians to be Accredited to Clean Energy Council for battery storage systems for grid-connected PV system design and Installation.
  • To design, install, configure, test and commission battery storage gridconnected power supply systems

UEERE4001 Install, maintain and fault nd battery storage systems for gridconnected photovoltaic systems
UEERE5001 Design battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic


This competency-based training program is delivered and assessed by

a) face-to-face or remote option available for theoretical content; and

b) hands on practical experience for installation of two grid-connected PV battery              storage install and fault nding: and

c) design task to be completed for grid-connected PV solar leads acid and lithium ion          batteries options.

For installation practical task, you will be assigned to an accredited installer/designer who will supervise you to gain verication of your requisite practical work experience. Alternatively, you can submit your experience to be signed off and veried if you are already working in the industry.

PMV will provide a set of comprehensive notes, ongoing trainer support to complete design task following theory assessments.

Statement of Attainment provides competencies to undertake design, install, configure, test and commission battery storage systems for grid-connected PV system to AS/NZS 5033:2018 Installation of photovoltaic (PV) arrays and AS/NZS 5139:2019 Electrical Installation – Safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment

After obtaining the Statement of Attainment, the student can apply to the Clean Energy Council of Australia for Battery Storage for Grid-Connect PV Systems Accreditation. The Clean Energy Council website indicates the information required to apply for Clean Energy Council Accreditation

target workforce

This course is designed for electricians who have an electrician’s qualification and wish to further improve their skills by gaining a qualification to design and install battery storage systems for grid-connected PV system.

Delivered at one of PMV’s national training centre (Perth) or at a client’s facility

solar grid connect pv course
solar grid connect - design + install - classroom
solar training course perth
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course training method
  • Blended delivery of 60% theory and 40% practical training what you are likely to see in a typical battery storage system for grid-connected PV system.
  • Face to Face or remote flexible delivery and assessments allows students understand and discuss the vital knowledge prior to participating in the practical component.
  • PMV trainers marks the assessments and provides feedback or additional technical information to the students.
  • Intensive hands-on installation, fault finding and regulatory requirements experience.
training content

You will undergo theory and hands-on practical training with qualified professional Electricians who have been practicing in the battery storage for gridconnected PV systems industry for over 20 years. The battery storage systems for grid-connected PV systems course covers the following topics:

1 Grid-Connected PV Systems Components Safety

2 Selecting and Sizing the Specied Loads

3 Assessing the Switchboard

4 Congurations of PV Grid-Connect System with Battery Storage

5 Permitted Battery and Grid Interaction and offsetting Peak Load

6 Battery Basics and Working with Batteries

7 Secondary Battery Technologies

8 Selecting and Sizing the Battery Storage and PV Array Sizing

9 System Drivers and System Constraints

10 Solar Controller and Selecting, Sizing and Programming Inverters

11 Balance of System Design

12 Wiring standards, Cable Sizing, Circuit Protection

13 Sizing Main Battery Fuses and Battery Isolation and Selection

14 Controller Protection, Battery Enclosure and System Wiring

15 Documenting System Efficiency and Effect of Battery Storage

16 Documenting PV system Yield

17 Documenting System Installation, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

18 Maintenance of Batteries, Inverter and PV Array

19 Design grid connected power supply systems and select compatible components

A written design project is to be completed on the completion of theory assessment

  • Fast tracked gap course (4 – 5 days face to face) to allow for student’s busy schedule.
  • All the courses have been developed in consultation with industry experts.
  • Training is aligned to the requirements of latest industry trends and standards.


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Rebates Available in Western Australia (WA)

A Rebate is available from the Construction Training Funding, WA for workers in the Building and Construction Industry (BCI).

A rebate means, you may be eligible to claim part of your total course fees directly with CTF after completion of the course.

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