Hazardous Areas Compliance Verification Dossier

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RTO Number

RTO# 52698 & RTO# 51178

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Course Timing

7:30AM – 4:30PM



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Course ID


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Course Schedule

2.5 Days

course location


Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide

course objectives
  • To provide an overview of duties and responsibilities in regard to Hazardous Area legislation and compliance.
  • To develop and maintain a Hazardous Area Verification Dossier.

UEENEEM078A Manage compliance of hazardous areas


This qualification provides competencies to develop and manage hazardous areas verification dossier (HAVD) to AS/NZS standards.

target workforce

This professional development gap training course is for anyone responsible for managing compliance of site hazardous areas to local regulations and AS/NZS standards, i.e. ensure that correct processes and competent people are in place to install, maintain and inspect the equipment installed in the hazardous areas.

Though the course is normally undertaken by site electrical and instrument supervisors and engineers, we also train local regulators engineers who perform audit function and enforce compliance. The course covers the theory and practice of field work in hazardous areas.

Delivered at one of PMV’s national training centres (Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide), or at a client’s facility.



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course training method

Blended delivery of 70% theory and 30% practical training with equipment that you are likely to see in a typical industrial installation with electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA) with Ex instruments and PLC control system.

training content

You will undergo one-on-one practical training with industry-experienced, qualified Instrument and Electrical Professional Trainers with hands on experience in hazardous areas in the following areas:
1. Legislative and Standards requirements and specifying duties and responsibilities of all parties involved in ensuring safety of Hazardous Areas
2. Safe systems of work for Hazardous Areas
3. Competency requirements for hazardous area classification, design, installation, inspections, testing and maintenance.
4. Properties of flammable and combustible materials
5. Explosion – protection principles
6. Key compliance features of each technique i.e. what can impact at site on the integrity of an Ex certified equipment.
7. Explosion-protected equipment certification
8. How to compile and maintain a Hazardous Area Verification Dossier (HAVD) at your site



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