Project Management Vision (PMV Australia) is a Registered Training Organization (RTO). We have been delivering nationally accredited training courses since 2005 in:


PMV has recently added High Voltage Switching Operations and Solar PV Design + Install, to its course portfolio. Most of our trainings are conducted at our Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide centers and/or at client sites.


PMV is a niche engineering consultancy. We excel at delivering compliance solutions in accordance with the latest AS/NZS and IEC standards. Our training and education courses cover site-specific instrumentation, control systems and hazardous areas.

Our team specializes in operations support of existing plants in electrical, instrumentation and control, hazardous areas engineering, consultancy, design, testing, commissioning, audit and education. We supplement all training courses with offerings to technically refresh and up-skill key workforce at site using professional training methods.

PMV shares its in-depth industrial experiences with the course participants, contextualizing the delivery to meet and embrace evolving trends in Australian and international markets in oil, gas, mineral processing and renewable energy.


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Technical Training & Certificate Courses

PMV Australia has been operating since 2005 as an industry engineering consultancy in Hazardous Areas, Electrical Instrumentation and Project Management. Since then PMV has been consulting and delivering site specific instrumentation and Control system and hazardous area compliance solutions to latest AS/NZS and international industry standards.

In 2008-09 PMV extended its scope of services to deliver nationally recognised training in hazardous areas and instrumentation through an extension to the RTO’s scope of delivery. PMV shares its industrial experiences with the course participants, contextualizing the delivery to meet the evolving trends in Australian and international oil and gas, and mineral processing industries for electrical hazardous areas and electrical instrumentation.

During the recent resource boom in Australia, PMV students have benefitted from subsidized fees due to Australian federal / PPP, National Workplace Development Fund (NWDF), Industry Skill Fund (ISF), Higher Skill Find (HSF) QLD to upskill electrical workers to meet the requirement of skill shortage. Funding has totaled $4,000,000.

PMV Australia has a team of practising professionals who have hands on experience in the areas of EEHA, electrical and instrumentation engineering and project management in the oil and gas, resources and infrastructure sectors in Australia and overseas.    Jatinder Ahuja, Chem Nayar, Maurice Taudevin, Wesley Hodgson, Shrishail Utagi, Peita Alberti and John Potter have been practising professionals in hazardous areas and have over 100 years of industrial experience between them.

To become a Centre of Excellence by developing a network with educational institutions, industry and community groups, from which PMV may be consulted on safety and hazards issues.

PMV CEO has been invited to AS/NZS Hazardous Areas Standards committee P12 for the feedback he provided. PMV CEO to obtain position on committee (Julia Dropmann, Andrew McCean: +61 2 9237 6000 by obtaining endorsement from MEA)

To keep abreast of best practice in implementing safe work practices, to minimise the impact of hazards present with electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas, nationally and internationally.

PMV CEO has represented from 2010 to 2016 on

To be responsive to the needs of the local community and industry sectors we serve, and to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the stakeholders.


Water Corporation (Key Contact: Bridger Wong) – Delivered enterprise EEHA training and audit work


Yara Pilbara Nitrate and Yara Pilbara Fertiliser, Audited EEHA compliance to national standards (AS/NZS 60079.14 & 17), Developed HAC report for YPN and EEHA inspection and remediation work


ATCO Jandakot (Key Contact: Ben Ahani), Certified design of PV Solar and Battery Charge Microgrid


Kelton Reyneke, Brockwaste Operations WA, Provided site engineering and operation support.
Schneider Electrical

2017 - 2018

Brockwaste Operations WA, Provided site engineering and operation support.
Schneider Electrical

2017 - 2018

Director, National Academy of Human Values (NAHV) – Delivered C4TAE Brisbane and Perth.
DBNGP WA – Developed CAD and delivered EEHA Training to over 50 participants.

2016 - 2018

Central Institute of Technology WA (Dr Peter Ebell)

2015 - 2016

Clough AMEC, (Key Contact: Dan Alecu) –  Delivered HAC + HAD + IMDI courses

2014 - 2015

Chevron Australia Wheatstone Project, (Key contact Bill Rankin). Delivered training over $1,000,00 in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia for Wheastone Upstream Project vendor electrical crew and Chevron EI Engineers and licensed Electrician

2013 - 2016

MEA (Key contact Karen Murphy). Delivered nationally recognized over $1,000,000 to its members

2013 - Present

E-Oz (Key Contacts: Michelle Ellis and Bob Taylor, Peter Parry, John Shearson) – Delivered training over $2,000,000 through NWDF contract managed by E-Oz

2012 - 2015
Ayurveda Awareness
Master Electricians Australia Member
GoSolar Group Australia
CSTA Australia